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Watercolor has been my medium of choice since the first time I did a watercolor painting in 7th grade; a white house with green shutters and a lazy orange cat sleeping in the window. I loved how the white paper made the sunlight look crisp, and the washes of blues across the front of the house created shadow and depth. I had found my joy.

Although I did not pursue fine art in college, choosing instead the more practical route of graphic design, I managed to keep one foot always in that door. It was never either/or. It was always both. I find satisfaction using my graphic design skill to create order from chaos, but also find similar enjoyment from painting a visually pleasing likeness of a pet or home by capturing its personality. Painting a client’s “something special” is what truly inspires me; that is what gives the painting its soul, knowing the subject is loved.

I began my artistic journey out of college on Long Island, NY, working for a greeting card company and freelance illustrating for various companies illustrating everything from city buildings to service dogs. Enjoying a less structured schedule, I left the company and began to work in galleries gaining skill in conservation framing. I also regularly painted house portraits for local realtors and gallery customers.

My husband’s work took us to Hilton Head Island where I worked at galleries and painted the tourist favorites on Nautical maps.

Currently land-locked in Western Pennsylvania, I have had my own graphic design business for 13 years. Now that my three kids are older, I have regained the time to spend with my watercolors, and I can devote much more of my time to painting those lazy cats just right as they lay sleeping in the window.

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