House Portraits

Ordering a watercolor portrait of your home is easy! Click Etsy shop button and you will be linked to my Etsy shop, select the size you would like, 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 and add it to your cart. You can either email me photos of your home through Etsy, or directly to me at If you have a special request I can create a custom order just for you. 

Once you purchase and send your photos, I'll contact you if I have any additional questions. It is helpful for me to see extra photos if you have them, for details along with the main photo I'll be working from. Let me know if there is a particular feature to your home that is special and you don't want me to miss. I can change the seasons too! If it is fall photo and you'd like it painted as spring, let me know what colors your flowers bloom. 


In most cases the process takes about 2 weeks but always let me know if there is a special date you need it by. I look forward to creating something beautiful for you!


The paintings look fantastic framed and hung together. Working with the artist was so easy and she really got the idea of what I was trying to do. I cannot recommend BeiterDesign enough. THANK YOU for making me the giver of the BEST Christmas present.

— aplusastudio